Hello folks!  I am totally much better now….completed the round of antibiotics for my giardiasis.  I am renewed hiker here at Wood’s Hole Hostel in Pearisburg.  Let me back up a bit with the story.  Last Friday (18-June) I rented the car to drive from Louisville, Kentucky to Tri-Cities, Bloutville, Tennessee.  Then, Skip from AT Shuttle in Atkins, VA picked me up and drove me to Marion, Virginia to get back to Cane.  It was well-worth it without having to ride on Greyhound bus ever again.  Next day, Cane and I hiked from Mount Rogers HQ in Marion, VA to Atkins, VA.  However, I felt terrible and knew that it was not just regular IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome) because I continued to suffer awful symptoms for two weeks.  Despite my “Rip Van Winkle” sleeping marathon in Louisville, KY, I still felt the same way as I was feeling on the first day two weeks ago while hiking.  Something was not right with me, so I decided to check in at the hospital.  As you knew, I found out that I had giardiasis.  Just pray that you will never catch it ever.  Trust me.  We decided to stay one more day in Marion, VA on Sunday 20-June to allow me to get some prescription and more sleep/rest.  Next day, we had a late start to hike from  Atkins, VA.  We hiked to Bland, VA which we arrived on Wednesday night, just in time before the special day.  I got my favorite dessert, peanut buster parfait, from Dairy Queen which was close to the motel and ate it in the bathtub on that night.  😎  Next day was my birthday (24-June).  It was zero day for us.  It was nice to have Golden Ray (Kevin B.) to hang out with us.  On 25-June, we hit the trail hiking toward Pearisburg.  Upon arriving, the Jenny Knob shelter, we found out that both water sources are all dried up.  Not good for us since we were out of water.  There was Dad with two kids – son (Blaze) and daughter (Pyro) at the shelter.  They had some water left, but barely!  Cane and I debated….Cane brought up an idea of calling Wood’s Hole Hostel and asking them to pick us up from the road which was only 1.2 miles down from the shelter.  I agreed.  We got the ride, so we hiked left at around 18:45 (6:45 pm) to meet our driver.  After only 0.3 miles down from the shelter into the rocky area of trail, I got a huge surprise of my lifetime….  got stung by a bee – right straight on my left rib area on my side.  OUCHHHHH!!!!  As I was going to step down from the rock ledge with my poles, the bee somehow went straight to my left rib to sting me.  At first, I thought something was wrong with my backpack stabbing me on my left side…as I was reaching to touch my left side with my right hand, all of the sudden, I saw the bee flew across my face.  I screamed bloody and ran like lightning!  I couldn’t warn Cane as he cannot hear and see me.  I stood and watched helplessly as Cane came to where bee attacked me.  The bee did stung him 3 times.  We continued hike to the road and waited for our ride.  We are ok….no allergic reaction to bee stung.  Thanks goodness.  We had a wonderful dinner at Wood’s Hole Hostel – rice pizza and salad for me and wheat pizza and salad for Cane.  We ended up staying at Wood’s Hole Hostel for 4 nights….so serene and tranquil place to be.  We both had a fantastic massage from Neville, one of owners of Wood’s Hole Hostel.  It was hard to leave the place, but our journey on AT must go on.