Cane and I started our short hiking this past Sunday – around 6 miles, then we did a all-day long hiking along with a group of hikers including Bear Jew and Rockpuncher – around 19 miles.  We visited Washington Monument, not in DC, but in MD.  The monument was build before the infamous Washington Monument in DC.  We got to enjoy the sun on top of the Washington Monument as opposed to the one in DC.  😎  We camped out at Annapolis Rocks which was one of beautiful and serene place especially during weekdays in May.  This place is extreme popular with hikers and climbers and can get crowded on weekends and during summertime.  We got to watch sunset and ate our dinner at same time as we have the rocks to ourselves.  We were so lucky!

 Today, we hiked around 10 miles….tomorrow, we will enter into Pennsylvania, the Keystone State.  Get this….we will arrive in the town named Waynesboro…..and that’s in PA!  We started from Waynesboro, VA last month on 18-April.  LOL!  I recalled one of my friends thought I was in PA when I wrote “Waynesboro”.  At that time, I didn’t know that there was Waynesboro, PA.  Now, I can say that I will be in Waynesboro, PA tomorrow at last!  Hardly believe that we almost breezed through Maryland since AT in Maryland is known for moderately easy hiking.  That’s mostly true.  You can just hike in your sleep….most of the way.  😎  We are counting our blessing with wonderful weather this week – in 70’s F and sunny/cloudy.  We are aware of challenges waiting for us somewhere in Pennsylvania and we are going to take one step at a time to get through.