That’s our total mileage to reach the northern terminus of the AT at Mt. Katahdin.  We concluded our first section of hiking between Rt. 15 Monson and Katahdin Iron Works Road – total of 29.9 miles completed.  It leaves us with 84.6 miles left to go.  Wooowww….it took us 5 days to hike and we did well.  Today is our zero day….discussing, making some plannings, re-supplying, getting some rest, and hanging out at David W.’s place (nice of him to offer us a place to recuperate and getting ready for next section).  David W. hiked with us twice making some videos and pictures of Cane’s journey.  So cool!  Daren R. and Priscilla R. came up yesterday to provide us some support.  Great team of Paul A., Daren R., Priscilla R., and David W.  We communicate in creative way – instant messaging, texting, writing on paper, gesturing, and trying some sign language.  Cane and I wish we could fully participate with them in their conversation, but we know that we do our best to make sure all of us are on same page and not to leave out too often/too much.  Cane and I converse in ASL and they cannot follow our conversation.  The bridge is existed between us and our team and we respect and tolerate each other.  It is very good for all of us to be patient and work together toward common goals – 1) helping Cane making his dream coming true, 2) making sure team is on the same page and good rapport with each other, and 3) having time of our lifetime in the 100-wilderness journey toward Mt. Katahdin. 

Tomorrow, we plan to begin our section 2 from Katahdin Iron Works Road to Jo-Mary Rd – 28.6 miles in total.  It may be another 5 days of hiking that section.  Wish us a good luck to get through this section as we ford two rivers and climb over the mountain range – White Cap Mountain.