Hey everyone,

This week is challenging for me and one of them involves a setback on my knee.  UGH.  Last Wednesday night, I sat down with my brace on.  I was lightly dragging/sliding forward my right foot on the lamented wood floor and subluxation (quick pop out/in) occurred.  OUCH!  I was perplexed, but I just let it rolled off from my shoulder thinking it was just one-time off thing.  A few minutes later, my parents sat down at table near to me.  I was doing the same performance and it happened again!  It hurt so much that I gasped and my parents were looking at me.  My knee swollen.  UGH!  It surely felt the similar way before the surgery – pop in/out in my knee area on inner side.  I iced, took NSAID, and pampered my knee on that night.

I went in physical therapy session next day with some limping.  My therapist asked me how I was and I told her what happened.  She was concerned and asked me to show her what I did.  She manipulated my knee and found my knee too tender and swollen.  I was in pain mostly on the inner side.  She said the area where I experienced pain was part of MCL which we have the similar conversation this past fall which I bought it up to my doctor and surgeon and both said my MCL seemed to be healed.  On my request, she called my doctor and I was to see him next day which was today this morning.

This morning, I saw my doctor and had x-ray taken.  He saw that my graft and tunnels were in good shape.  He noticed some swelling area.  He asked me to give my knee some rest for next few days, take anti-inflammatory medicine 2x a day, and see my surgeon on Thursday 5-Feb to re-visit my knee issue.  My PT for next week is to be on hold until the following week.  My doctor suspected that it is a MCL sprain.  I told him that I more likely think there is more than just the MCL sprain because it felt the similar way before and after surgery, however we will work together to figure it out – one thing at a time.  I am going to take it easy with my knee for next few days.  *sigh*  All I can say is….Be patience, accept that sometimes setback or stall happens from time to time, and  keep going down on my healing path holistically.  Pray for the best.