At this time, it is going to be a simple New Year Greetings.  2018 is about to arrive soon as we prepare to say farewell to 2017.  2017 is admittedly a challenging year for me especially after leaving Facebook.  It is quite different/challenge how to maintain connection with my family, loved ones and friends outside of Facebook and I am ok with it.  I find myself feeling at ease and calmer in my post-Facebook life.  Please do get in touch with me to reconnect via email, Instagram or blog.

As we ring in a New Year near and far, please continue to reach out with anyone, family, loved ones and/or friends, to maintain connection.  Do take some time to reflect on the past few months……contemplate what brought us joy and sadness…..think of our family, loved ones and our friends….Recalling all the precious memorable times….remembering how they enriched our lives…..they surely make our life more meaningful.

Whether any of us live nearby or far away, I hope my heartfelt wishes for happiness, health, and prosperity reach and touch to my cherished friends, loved ones and family at this special time of year.  May this New Year bless us all with the infinite possibilities of new beginnings.  Coalesce.  Thrive.  Hope.  Love.