We want to share you with our AT Family that we met on or off the AT.  Some of them are hikers – thru-, sectional, or day hikers.  Some of them are Trail Angels.  Some of them are supporters of hikers.  Here is the list of beautiful people we have honored to met and chatted with:


Josh & Leigh – owner of Hiker Hostel, Dahlongea, Georgia – nice and cool couple who ran the hostel for the hikers.

Regina R. – met her on our first day of AT – she hiked on Benton MacKaye trail

Rhea P. “Razor” – met him at Gooch Mtn shelther – Georgia Ridgerunner.  He helped getting Cane to the hospital.  We ran into him again on the trail near the mountain in Georgia and at Trail Days in Damascus, VA.

Nellwyn B. – met her at Hiker Hostel in Dahlongea, Georgia and hiked together on first day of AT.  We met her again in Neels Gap.  She is awesome woman with beautiful spirits.

“Bandana Man” – met him at Justus Creek campground.  He chatted with us warmly.  He helped us out without any questions.

Joseph H. “LandShark” – met him at Justus Creek campground and Trail Days in Damascus, VA.  He was one of hikers who proudly wearing kilts.  He was nice guy to chat and helped us out.

William L. “Fields” – met him at Hiker Hostel after Cane’s accident on his hand.  He is amazing hiker with intriguing brain to pick on.  He is one of followers on shelter’s registers.

“Baldy” – met him at Hiker Hostel after Cane’s accident on his hand and at Trail Days in Damascus, VA.  He knew some fingerspelling, so it was pleasure to chat with him.

“Miss Janet” H. – met her at hostel in Neels Gap.  She is the Trail Angel.  We ran into each other in Franklin, NC and Erwin, TN.  She gave us the ride to Trail Days in Damascus, VA.  She has beautiful radiant and positive energy around her.

“Griz” – met him at Neels Gap.  He taught me about how to pack better and correctly.  He is cool and funny guy!  So glad to run into him again at Trail Days in Damascus, VA.

Tom “the guy with long beard” – met him at Neels Gap.  He gave us some good tips.  Awesome guy!

Felicity Lynn “Cola Monkey” – met her at Neels Gap.  She helped us out with solving Cane’s backpack issue and other things.  Nice gal.

“Love & Peace” – met them at Beech Gap and Mooney Gap in Georgia.  Love knew some fingerspelling.  We had a good chat.

Sean W. “Likely” – met him at Gooch Mountain Shelter and Neels Gap.  He was laid-back guy with charming personality.

Anna “Car54” & Dennis “Where Are You” C. – met them at Standing Indian shelter and Mooney Gap.  They were sweet couples.  We had a picture with them.

David P., Justin, Sam, John, Mikey, Clay, Colin, & Troy “Heart Beat” – met them at Wayah Shelter and hiked the way until Cody Gap.  They were cool group of guys with various personalities.  We enjoyed chatting with them.

Tristan & Phil J. – son and father hikers, met them in Neels Gap.  They were inspiring pairs…hiking side by side.  Amazing!

Robert B. “Off-Kilter” – met him at Fontana Hilton in NC.  He was hiralous guy with a big personality.  We hit it off immediately.  We met him again at the Trail Days and enjoyed each other’s company.

“Grady” – met him at Fontana Dam village.  He follows my entries in registers at the shelters.  Soo cool to meet a follower!

Tim C. “High Rock” – met him after Franklin, NC.  He was in awe of Cane’s determination to hike.  He was such as nice hiker to hike with for while.

Carol B. “Lucky” – met her before and at Nantahala Outdoor Center, Wesser, NC.  She had a big “giving” heart.

Jeff & Nancy Hoch – owner of Hike Inn, Fontana Dam, NC – They went out of their way to make sure we were comfortable, well-fed, well-informed of hiking through Great Smokies and let us borrow their map.  They were awesome folks!

Andrea & Bill – Andrea was helper of Hike Inn – Both were mother and son.  Bill knew a few languages.  We enjoyed a meal at Mexican restaurant.

Marty & Margie P. – met them in Gatlinburg, TN.  They gave a ride to Kevin and me to get back to our shelter after painting the city red on our off-duty night out.

Jason “Canadian” – met him at Tri-Corner Knob Shelter in Great Smokies.  He was free-spirit guy hiking from Quebec, Canada to Florida.  Wow!

Steve S. “Snail Male” – met him at Shuckstack Tower in Great Smokies.  We had a pleasure of chatting, hiking and hanging out with him and his 16-year old son.  We loved his stories.

Curtis O. & Maria G. – owners of Standing Bear Farm , Hartford, TN – we stayed with them twice – before and after Trail Days in Damascus, VA.  Cool shower design!  Nice little retreat place from AT.

“Hawk” – met her at Standing Indian shelter, Devil’s Fork Gap (picked her up on way to Trail Days) and Trail Days in Damascus, VA.  She was from Maine.  She was fun and sweet to chat with.  We hope to meet her again down along the trail.

“Ole Blue Eyes” – met him at Devil’s Fork Gap (picked him up on way to Trail Days) and Trail Days in Damascus, VA.  He was funny guy.

“E-Z” – met him at shelter in North Carolina, at Devil’s Fork Gap (picked him up on way to Trail Days and Trail Days in Damascus, VA.  He was easy-going guy with a big dream.

Julio R. “Patience” – met him at Trail Days in Damascus, VA.  It was awesome to meet another Deaf hiker.  We learned some tips from him.  His advice: “Do not give up”.

Angela & Lamaar E. – gave us a lift from Damascus, VA to Standing Bear Farm, Hartford, TN.  We enjoyed our ride chat.  They were loving couple.  Lamaar has a dream of doing a thru-hiking AT next year.  We hope that he will pursue that dream!

Judith F. – met her on Wildflower tour and Trail Days in Damascus, VA.  She was one of the guides.  She knew fingerspelling and some sign languages as she used to work with Deaf people a long time ago.  She completed 2,000 miler club last year.

“Rico” – met him at Standing Bear Farm after Trail Days.  We hiked together for 3 weeks and a few days.  He was “woofer” like RamSham.  He cracked us up from time to time – laughter is the best medicine on AT.

Jill B. “Raffle Queen” – met her at the shelter after Standing Bear Farm.  We hiked together for a week.  She was a quick learner on fingerspelling and sign language – one of my best students!  She is Trail Angel in Waynesboro, VA.

Phyllis L. “Silver Fox” – met her at the shelter after Standing Bear Farm.  We hiked together for 3 weeks from Standing Bear Farm to Damascus, VA.  She was fun to hike with….truly motived me to push myself to hike.  She was one of my best students on learning fingerspelling and sign language.

Mason W. “Magic Lungs” – met him at the shelter after Standing Bear Farm.  He was one of proud hammock owners.  He was quick-lightining learner with fingerspelling and sign language.  Sad to say that he was Red Sox fans.  UGH!  We hiked together for a month.  It was filled with good laughs and chats.

Linda B. – met her through Rico in Hot Springs. NC.  She knew some fingerspelling and sign languages.  Such a pleasure person to talk with.

Glenn F. – met him in Erwin, TN when I arrived to ask taking me to hospital when I struck with respiratory infection.  He took a good care of me.  He was wonderful guy to chat with and willing to lend his helping hands whenever you needed it from him.

Suzanne B and her dog, Libby – met them when we stayed at Hike Inn in Damascus, VA.  The accommodation was wonderful – we got to veg out for entire day along with soaking ourselves in the big bubble bath tub!  They were kind and great to us during our stay.

Skink and his wife, Lee – met them in Damascus, VA at Hiker Inn.  Skink is doing thru-hike with support of his wife.

EveryReady and B.J – nice couple hikers – met them after hiking from Route 9 in Bennington, Vermont on a very wet trail and soggy day.


Bear Jew and Rock Puncher – our favorite “stalkers” of 2011 – we hiked together from Shenandoah National Park, VA to Swartara State Park, PA

Neathawk – hiker who volunteered and helped carrying Cane’s backpack, so we can all hiked out to safety

Chet, owner of One Step At A Time hostel in Lincoln, NH – is amazing guy who went out of his way to make our stay comfortable and enjoyable after recovering from our hallowed experience of 3 un-planned days of hiking between Kinsman and Franconia Notch




David Whitney and Ateon Whitney

Daren and Priscilla Robarge

Paul and Abby Austin

Jeff and Patti Parsons