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Hello all!  As I was mentally prepared to complete my last physical therapy session as my knee is getting stronger, it is mixed feelings for me.  I have been with Sports Training Physical Therapy for almost a year – began in Oct 2015 to prepare myself for 1st surgery in November by maintaining muscular strength in my leg as much as I can before they become atrophy due to immobilized leg for few weeks from surgery.  I was supposed to stay with them for 3 months after my 1st surgery, but I experienced some issues with my knee in February 2015 – few episodes of knee subluxation (pop out/ins).  It turned out that I needed 2nd surgery to remedy my knee issues.  I returned to them after my 2nd surgery in May for few weeks until yesterday.  Even though my recovery after 2nd surgery was difficult and miserable for me, my physical therapists and staff listened and helped me to get through as much as I can not only during the sessions, but outside of the sessions as well.

I am grateful that the therapists and staff at Sports Training Physical Therapy are working with me in all areas especially communication area.  We use interpreter from time to time when needed such as evaluations and in-depth discussions.  Typically, some people may not bother to write down to let me know what’s going on such as gossips, jokes, stories, or information that are mingling in the room, but my therapists and staff made an effort to include me by writing down on notepad to share something with me as well as I do with them.  That does make me feel so good and happy that they are mindful of me.  What is even more is that my therapists and staff have tremendous amount of patience by writing down and waiting for me to complete my writing between us rather than leaving me to write down and come back to me when I am done writing.  I am accustomed to people just doing that to save some time for themselves or pay attention to any patients who speak/hear, but with that kind of amazing behaviors and attitudes from my therapists and staff, I am deeply honored to be treated like any patients, not just Deaf patient who doesn’t speak/hear.

As my therapist with interpreter was discussing with me for long term home exercise training plans, my therapist said that I graduated from my physical therapy and it struck me.  That’s one of milestones for me to get my knee back to normal as much as I can, so I can resume my activities as I no longer able to do so – skiing, snowboarding, biking, hiking, playing basketball and softball, and much more.  I still have some works to do on my knee and I do feel that I am on my way to become fully mobilized – running, cutting, and jumping like before!  What is even more is that my therapist asked me to get in touch with her to let her know about my next follow-up appointment with my surgeon this November, see how I am doing with my training programs, and ask her any questions or additional training if I needed.  It touches me knowing that even though I am no longer my therapist’s patient, she is interested in seeing me to making it all the way to my “FULL and healing” recovery.  Hopefully, this November appointment with surgeon will conclude my journey of my ACL/meniscus repair/recovery.

My legs as of 18-Sept-2015

My legs as of 18-Sept-2015 – healed scars and no longer swollen right knee

Close-up of my right knee

Close-up of my right knee – healed nicely and amazing battle scars to show off!

So, the next chapter for me is to build up my knee to full mobilization as much as I can especially running, jumping, and cutting and shift my focus from my personal recovery to writing a book/producing a DVD with ASL (American Sign Language) about Deafblind hiker’s Appalachian Trail journey with his SSP (guess who that is? 🙂 ).  It is a huge project for me, but it is a good time for me to start.  I think I will continue to use this blog for my next chapter to keep our followers and supporters posted.  If any of you are interested in pitching in or providing some feedback or anything, please let me know via email or Whatsapp.

Thank you from bottom of my heart, Sports Training Physical Therapy therapists, staff, and owner.

Howdy folks!

I realized that I forgot to mention one thing….really important thing.  After few years of not able to make it to infamous annual Michigan Womyn’s Music Festival, I finally got to attend to this year’s festival after the announcement of hosting the last festival this year after 40 years of hosting the festival.  The festival was majority of hearing womyns, but this year was largest  number of Deaf/Hard of Hearing womyns attending – around 115.  The request was from these Deaf/Hard of Hearing womyns that they wanted to see presentation in ASL.  I thought about if I could give our presentation (Ad-Cane and myself), but Ad-Cane is not womyn.  I gave it some thoughts and decided that the presentation should be about me sharing my personal experiences as a Deaf Female Long Distance Hiker with the world.  I submitted my proposal and asked for two presentations – one in ASL only and one with voice interpretation.  My proposal was accepted.  I was thrilled!

I gave both presentations for 1.5 hours which I thought should be sufficient time, but before I knew it, 1.5 hours went by so fast!  Next time, I may ask for 3 hours instead!  🙂  The title of my presentation was “My Journey on Appalachian Trail as a Deaf Female LD Hiker – April 2010 – June 2014”.  I explained to the audience that I have given presentations in the past with my hiking partner, Ad-Cane, but he is not womyn, so it was my first time giving presentation as myself.  If anyone wanted to to know more about Deafblind, Ad-Cane, and SSP, I asked them to hold these questions and see me after the presentation as some of them did.

I enjoyed sharing my experiences, tips, suggestions, and photos with the audience.  It was a bit weird that I did this way as I have been used giving presentation with my hiking partner, Ad-Cane, as it was our journey from start to end.  However, I was glad that I went with different approach to share something of myself as Roni “RamSham” Lepore – Deaf Female Long Distance Hiker in “Hearing Male Hiking environment”.  It did gave me some perspectives that I haven’t thought about since then.  I can see that it serves as an inspiration to womyns who came to listen to my presentation – anyone can do it if one puts her/his mind to make this happening and be patience with a “progress”.  I thank to Michigan Womyn’s Music Festival for allowing me to share my experiences and womyns for attending my presentation.

Ram Sham's Presentation:

Ram Sham’s Presentation: “My Journey on Appalachian Trail as a Deaf Female LD Hiker – April 2010 – June 2014”

Ram Sham presenting

Ram Sham presenting

Ram Sham's hammock at Michigan Womyn's Music Festival

Ram Sham’s hammock at Michigan Womyn’s Music Festival

Roni at Michigan Womyn's Music Festival

Roni at Michigan Womyn’s Music Festival

Hello folks!  September is here already!  Unbelievable!  My summer was mixed with some good and bad things out of it.  Let’s start with bad things.  After 2nd surgery, it was most miserable, painful, and terrible recovery for me which lasted through to mid-August.  I was told that it was going to be one hour surgery with one week of recovery, but during the surgery, my surgeon saw how serious damage my meniscus.  It was literally torn in middle….more of it split in half.  The original plan was to trim off the “hanging” meniscus on the edge, but no…..scrape that and decided on sewing two parts of meniscus together as one disc of meniscus.  So, it involved some extensive work on my meniscus, hamstring muscles and MCL.  My surgeon didn’t get to see me after the surgery (I think he was in back-to-back surgery), so I had no idea of changes in surgery until I saw him a month later.

When I woke up from surgery, I felt ok, but oddly….I went home as expected.  I was to use crutch for one week, but only used it for two days.  However, I was not feeling ok….more of out of place and not being myself.  I just tried to deal with pain and it continued beyond a week of “expected recovery period” in my head.  I said to myself, “Ok….just give it some more time, maybe few more days or so.”  Nope, it continued throughout the entire summer with me “holding in” my pains to myself and dealing with my travel, work, and life as best as I can.  Some people did noticed how miserable I was in.  I had wonderful assistance during conferences that I attended over this summer to help me to get around the places via golf cart or whatsoever.  They have my gratitude.

When I got to see my surgeon a month after my surgery, I asked him about what was wrong with my recovery period.  He then told me about changes made to surgery plans upon observing and witnessing the “true” damages in my knee area.  Ah ha……He said to attend physical therapy for a month and give myself some weeks to feel ok again.  I decided to spread out my physical therapy sessions over the summer between conferences I was attending, so I can focus on what I needed to work on myself and get on with my life as best as I can.  It wasn’t easy thing to do, but I did it.

I just saw my surgeon a few days ago for follow-up appointment and told him that I finally felt much better in mid-August and was able to re-gain my range of motion in my knee area.  I noticed that I haven’t experienced subluxation (knee pop out/in) since 2nd surgery, so I felt that the 2nd surgery may be successful by remedying my issues.  I still have some numbness on my knee, but in one year from 2nd surgery, hopefully, I will get some or all of these “feelings” back on my knee area.  If not, that’s ok.  I am still working on reducing pains in my knee from squatting and getting up from the floor unassisted.

By end of this month, I will be done with my physical therapy sessions and resume “no limitation” activities.  I am going to take one thing slow and one day at a time….taking up hiking, running, biking, kayaking, and etc. again.  I miss them so much!  Hopefully, I am able to ski/snowboard/snowshoe by this Winter!  🙂  Thank you, my dear family, friends, and supporters, for all of your words of encouragement, prayers, and etc throughout my journey with repairing my knee and getting back on my “feet” once again.  If my knee feels good and allow me to resume long distance hiking expedition again, I will be absolutely exhilarated!  Appalachian Trail (AT) caused me to fall in love with long distance hiking and miss them so badly when I do not get to do them.  🙂

Anyhow, I am going to begin my new journey – organize and begin my journey of sharing story of AT journey with Deafblind and SSP hikers.  I am going to start thinking about where do I start with and surely will let y’all know what my next plans are!  So exciting!  Enjoy the changing season – from summer to autumn…..

I had a nice long holiday weekend on my “old stomping grounds” – Rochester, NY.  I got to visit and chat some of my friends which was nice.  Hope your long holiday weekend went well.  I hope my friends and family who are in Texas are doing ok with all of severe storms going on for past few days.

I am now preparing myself for early tomorrow’s 2nd surgery on my same knee – to repair partially-torn meniscus.  At this time, the surgery is going to be a minor ones – one hour with one week of recovery.  I pray that this surgery will address my issues – my knee instability and pains.  *crossing fingers and toes*  Be in touch when I am out of surgery.

Hello y’all….

Guess what?  I am going to have 2nd surgery scheduled next month – a day after the Memorial Day.  *sigh*  I saw my surgeon a few days ago.   From my recent MRI results, it shows new partially-torn meniscus behind MCL which I first experienced knee swelling/pain and subluxation since this past January.  He said that it is the reason for my knee’s instability.  Mmmm….The bright side is that it is minor surgery – one hour knee arthroscopy and my recovery period will be one week instead of 3 months.  Hopefully, this will address my knee’s instability, pain, and swelling, so I can run/hike/do anything without falling down when knee pops out/in.

Despite the bumpy road I am on, it is part of progress toward able to mobilize as much as before.  I just keep up with yoga, work out, walk, hike, and activities with caution as not to fall down often.  Most of the days, I pop in ibuprofen – my Vitamin I – just like what I did when I injured my knee in 2012 and 2013 – to help ease some pains in my knee and for me to keep going.  I do not enjoy sitting around and not able to do much, but need to be patient and go with flow of the time and challenges.

Anyhow, I attended to local Creative Writing Meetup a few days ago with a volunteer interpreter.  It was good session to give me some ideas of how to write a book and in what format.  I might write some stories and share via blog, then I can look at them to choose some of them to be part of the book.  The interpreter suggested to me that I might consider to do vlog – telling stories in ASL then translating to English.  It is gonna be a lot of work which I reckon….I may look into that too.  If you have any ideas/suggestions, please feel free to share here.

Spring has arrived at last…..tree starts to bud out their leaves…..haven’t seen flowers popping out of the ground yet… is late start this year for sure.  I thought of the day this month when Cane and I began our AT journey five years ago on 6-April-2010……wow…..I do miss LD hiking!  I might try to do Long Trail this August/September.  Wait and see about my knee’s healing and stability.  Gonna take one day at a time.  🙂

Howdy y’all!  I have been staying low and under the radar since this past January working hard to bring my repaired knee back to 100%.  As of today, I am not close to 100% yet.  

To bring all of you to a quick update, I saw surgeon on 5-February.  I told him about my subluxation (quick knee pop out/in) 3 times prior to seeing him.  He asked me to continue working with therapist for next 3 months as he has seen similar situation before.  I continued with physical therapy until last week of February when my health insurance decided that I no longer required physical therapy as they wanted me to wean off.  I contacted my surgeon asking him what to do about this situation and he told me to continue with home exercise program.  We cannot do anything about my health insurance because if we file an appeal and it will take around six months for them to decide if it is medically necessary for me to continue with my physical therapy.  It is where I have to choose which battles to battle.  *sigh*  Meanwhile, I have been going to the gym at least 3 times a week doing some exercises via weight, treadmill, and swimming pool.  I am doing yoga on daily basis to stretch and build up some strength in my leg/knee area.  I thought to myself ok, just continue work on getting my knee stronger and healed on my own until May.

However, over the last weekend of February and first week of March, I experienced subluxation (quick knee pop out/in) twice which left me into very painful condition especially on inside knee area – MCL area.  It was harder on me because I became stronger and was able to move, but my knee was not working with me and popping out on me if I moved in certain direction each time (squat and move left laterally).  I decided that there was something not right about my knee since it felt the similar way prior to the surgery.  Since subluxation occurred, I am still limping and managing my pain with popping in NSAIDs.  It is so painful to get out of the car and bathtub.  It is hard to get up in the morning when I move my knee.  I groan, grunt, moan, and whimper a bit from time to time.  My family hears me and sympathizes with me.  Not fun at all.

Since something is not right with my knee, I asked for an appointment with surgeon right away.  I just saw him past few days on 12-March.  I explained my dilemma with him.  He checked my knee and we both agreed that my knee was feeling solid with repaired ACL and meniscus, so there must be different issue in different area.  I told him that it means a new challenge for him and he said yes.  🙂  He ordered a new MRI, so I am awaiting for my insurance to approve.  He told me that I no longer need to wear brace, but wear brace for high impact/athletic activity until beginning of December 2015 (approximately one year from my surgery).  So, it was mixed news – bad news – my knee is not 100% and the issue with subluxation is ongoing and good news – my knee is strong enough that I can resume wearing my pants especially jeans and yoga pants/leggings once again!!!!!  Hellloooooo pants/leggings!!!!!  Yeah, I am frustrated, but count my blessings that I am able to move around at least.  Gonna balance out with good and bad stuff and just move on.

So, I move with caution as not to squat risking myself to cause my knee to pop out/in and fall down on my hands and/or face onto floor/pavement.  It is not easy because I do not feel pain while walking/hiking (due to NSAIDs kicking and repeated motion causing my knee to acclimatized by numbing out my pains).  When I am forced to squat for some reasons like to scramble across boulders, descending on the steep trail, or climb up/down on some rocks, my knee just pops out/in without any warning.  Scary!

*sigh* I continue to keep myself active and safe as best as I can – the Spring is just around the corner.  I hope that in next few weeks after my MRI, my surgeon and I will able to get some answers on why my knee keeps pop out/in.  Please continue with prayers for me.

Hey everyone,

This week is challenging for me and one of them involves a setback on my knee.  UGH.  Last Wednesday night, I sat down with my brace on.  I was lightly dragging/sliding forward my right foot on the lamented wood floor and subluxation (quick pop out/in) occurred.  OUCH!  I was perplexed, but I just let it rolled off from my shoulder thinking it was just one-time off thing.  A few minutes later, my parents sat down at table near to me.  I was doing the same performance and it happened again!  It hurt so much that I gasped and my parents were looking at me.  My knee swollen.  UGH!  It surely felt the similar way before the surgery – pop in/out in my knee area on inner side.  I iced, took NSAID, and pampered my knee on that night.

I went in physical therapy session next day with some limping.  My therapist asked me how I was and I told her what happened.  She was concerned and asked me to show her what I did.  She manipulated my knee and found my knee too tender and swollen.  I was in pain mostly on the inner side.  She said the area where I experienced pain was part of MCL which we have the similar conversation this past fall which I bought it up to my doctor and surgeon and both said my MCL seemed to be healed.  On my request, she called my doctor and I was to see him next day which was today this morning.

This morning, I saw my doctor and had x-ray taken.  He saw that my graft and tunnels were in good shape.  He noticed some swelling area.  He asked me to give my knee some rest for next few days, take anti-inflammatory medicine 2x a day, and see my surgeon on Thursday 5-Feb to re-visit my knee issue.  My PT for next week is to be on hold until the following week.  My doctor suspected that it is a MCL sprain.  I told him that I more likely think there is more than just the MCL sprain because it felt the similar way before and after surgery, however we will work together to figure it out – one thing at a time.  I am going to take it easy with my knee for next few days.  *sigh*  All I can say is….Be patience, accept that sometimes setback or stall happens from time to time, and  keep going down on my healing path holistically.  Pray for the best.

Hello folks,

This week is 8th week since my ACL/meniscus reconstruction surgery (25-Nov-2014).  Here is my progress so far:

9-Dec-2014 – It concluded my CPM machine for two weeks.  I made a great progress!  Thank and good-bye, CPM machine!

CPM Machine

CPM Machine

10-Dec-2014 – Completed my anti-inflammatory medicine a day before and went out for a dinner to celebrate and toast my amazing progress of my knee recovery along with a picture of my legs!

A pint of Guinness

A pint of Guinness

As of 10-Dec-2014

As of 10-Dec-2014


Between 11-Dec-2014 and 13-Jan-2015 – I have been working hard on rehabbing my knee at physical therapy 3 times a week and attending 1 personal training session at my local gym and several sessions at two different yoga studios during the week.

13-Dec-2014 – 17-Dec-2014 – Nanette, my best friend, flew in from Texas to spend time with me and lend her support to my knee recovery progress.  It was wonderful to have her with us for a few days.  A huge thanks went out to her super husband, Paul, who made it possible for her to come out and took care of their family of 3 young kids.  It meant the whole world to me!  Here is a picture Nanette captured during my physical therapy session:

Roni & Ruth - Physical Therapy

Roni & Ruth – Physical Therapy

Here is a picture of Nanette and me in the backyard on left – my hair color shone under the sun with fiery red.  Normally, it is not how it looks like inside!  🙂  Here is another picture of my hair looks like inside on right.

Nanette & Roni

Nanette & Roni

Roni & Nanette

Roni & Nanette



27-Dec-2015 – My parents took me out for outing – my first brief hiking on flat path at the J.A. McFaul Environment Park – my knee did well along with some soreness, but felt great!

J.A. McFaul Environment Center, Wyckoff, NJ

J.A. McFaul Environment Center, Wyckoff, NJ

Early January 2015 – I finally was able to bend my knee 90 degrees, so I was able to sit in back seat of the car ever since.

Last Monday – 5-Jan-2015 – I drove on my own for first time.  I noticed some aching pain in my knee area, but not too sharp or painful.  I decided to keep my driving short – less than one hour.

On that evening, I hooked my right leg with my ACL knee brace around the chair leg while I was sitting down.  I accidentally applied too much force on my leg inwardly which caused my knee to pop in/out so fast that shocked the hell out of me.  It hurt like hell – similar to what happened to me on the trail (which I ended up collapsing onto my hands and knees) before the surgery, but at this time, it hurt even more!  I became panic thinking that I might damage or mess up my ACL!!!  I tested and found out that I was able to walk, but in pain and sore!  I applied ice for next five days along with putting arnica, popping in NSAID, and taking epsom salt bath.  I had a conversation with my physical therapist about this incident and she said that it does happen to any knee even perfectly “normal” knee since it occurs with force and knee has many joints.  It bounds to happen, anyway.  I asked her for the term of this incident and she said, “subluxation”.  She examined my knee and found my knee swollen, but other than that, shethought that I will be ok, but best that I called my doctor.  I called my doctor and after discussing, I decided that it was not emergency since I was able to walk and would see my doctor the following week, anyway.  Whoa…..a lesson learned, do not *ever* hook my leg around the chair leg again!!!!

After 13-Jan-2015 – After seeing my doctor for my follow-up appointment and was pleased with my progress, my physical therapy has been scaled back to 2 times a week and added one more sessions for my personal training at my local gym (it is my choice, not doctor’s order).  I continue to attend several sessions at two different yoga studios during the week.  My doctor said  I am allowed to walk/hike, but *NO* running and jumping.  Shucks!

If you recalled about my dilemma with changing my clothing due my wearing ACL knee brace full-time.  Here is updated listing of my clothing and boots.

  • Gave up and put away 18 pair of my pants for storage –

    Pants to give up

    Pants to give up

  • Around 5 skirts
  • I get to keep leggings/yoga pants!!!!  I wear ACL knee brace to yoga studio over my leggings/yoga pants, then take my brace off during the session only.  My ACL knee brace digs into my skin and muscle during sessions, so I had a conversation with my physical therapist about this problem and got her blessings to have it removed only if I do not turn my leg inward or outward at all, put all my weight on my right leg, and putting my both feet apart beyond my shoulders.  My knee was not ready to perform that tasks yet.  I complied her requests and found my right leg doing much better without brace.  I just make some adjustment to make my right knee more comfortable and noticed a huge improvement of flexibility and mobility with my right knee over the time.  YAY!
  • A couple of sweat pants – they are for home, gym, and physical therapy use only!
  • Few long dresses
  • Some shorts – I wear it most of the time.  LOL
  • Ankle-high winter boots – I left it out to see if I can wear later in the winter.  Who knows?
  • One pair of leg warmers – lovely gift from my mom!
  • I haven’t shopped for a new skirts, dresses, wide-pants, and shorts since I am tight on money because money being spending on my physical therapy, gym, and yoga sessions.  So far, I manage ok with clothing, so I am not worried.

My current challenges with mobilization are:

  • walk up/down stairs freely without brace
  • turn/twist my right leg/foot pain-free
  • pick up my right leg sideway to put socks/shoes on pain-free
  • put full weight on my right knee
  • full-squat
  • push-up and sit-up pain-free
  • stand on my right leg for five minutes pain-free
  • sit down, pick up my leg, and ride bike click-free
  • knee flexioning pain-free

I am still eyeing for going for snowshoeing/hiking sometimes by end of this month or next month.  Wait and see how my knee feels.  Onward to work on making some more amazing progress on my knee for next few more weeks.




Hello all!  Here are some updates since my 25-Nov ACL/Meniscus repair surgery.  The surgical center where I had my surgery done wasn’t exactly Deaf-friendly, so I am going to send them a letter providing my experiences/feedback and suggesting some improvement and mindful approach next time they handle any patients who are disabled especially Deaf/Hard of Hearing with ASL/English interpreter.  I am not going to bother you with details what happened at the surgical center.

The surgeon and staff did a great job.  I recovered from waking up and dealing with post-surgery recovery/healing and was sent home in one hour after coming out of surgery instead of typical two hours of recovering.  My leg was placed into splint, but funny thing was that it couldn’t stay on my leg!  I think I have a slippery leg!!!!  I walked with one crutch on that night.  I proceeded to use the CPM machine – device that assists with flexioning and extensioning my knee/leg – for two hours on that night.  Not too bad!  I am to use the CPM machine for 14 days – 2 hours and 3 times a day.  Whoo hoo!

my leg on the CPM machine

my leg on the CPM machine

Post-surgery knee

Post-surgery knee

Close up of post-surgery knee

Close up of post-surgery knee

Roni gives a thumb up

Roni gives a thumb up










Next day, my Dad and I went to my doctor’s office to check on my wounds and re-bandage.  It was snowing in that morning, so I elected to walk with one crutch under my right arm and use my other hand on other crutch to prevent possible slippery or loss of traction on the snow-covered pavement/sidewalk.  I walked into the doctor’s office and used one crutch.  Upon calling my name, Dad, ASL/English interpreter, and I went into an examination room.  My physical assistant came in and was amazed at how great I looked.  I was perplexed.  She called other staff and doctor to take a look at me.  LOL, what a show!  They couldn’t believe how well I looked with less than 24 hours of post-surgery.  I have very little idea of how people were dealing with post-surgery recovery/healing.  My physical assistant asked me if I slept well last night and I replied yup!  She said no wonder and if I was in any pain.  I said not really….just a little pain in certain area where the huge cut was made and other than that, I was all good.  She proceeded to check my wounds and re-bandage my leg.  She said my wounds looked fantastic.  LOL.  I was to come back next week to have my sutures removed and by then, I can shower/bath.  Funny thing was that before AT, I would worry about how my legs would look like with hairy, how would I smell like, how to deal with my dirty hair, and etc.  However, at this time, I just shrugged it and laughed cuz AT taught me so much – just go with flow and take one thing at a time.  My health came first, so my vain/appearance wasn’t that important.  I was to focus on healing and getting my leg and myself exercised.  🙂

Between check on wounds/re-bandage and sutures removal, I spent a lot of time watching movies and TV show called, “The Tudors” and reading some books – both Deadtree and electronic format – a huge thanks to my dear friend who lend me some DVDs and books from her library!  I also spent a lot of time catching up with some work and projects.  Really good down time for me.

My inspiration stuff

My inspiration stuff

AT walking sticks

AT walking sticks

On Thursday 4-Dec, I went back to my doctor’s office for suture removal.  I was so excited!  My surgeon came in which was the first time we have seen each other since my surgery day.  He looked at me and my knee….he was amazed with my recovery/healing progress.  I was way ahead of normal recovery/healing phase.  I gonna credit it to my practice of yoga, ongoing outdoor activities (ie: hiking), personal training sessions, physical therapy sessions, mental/emotional preparedness for pre-, during, and post-surgery, and maintain Paleo lifestyle (clean eating).  After the sutures were removed, I was to fit with my ACL knee brace.  I was to wear it for a year.  I asked my surgeon if I must wear the brace on my skin or can it goes over pants or leggings.  He said my brace must be on my skin.  My jaw dropped!  I asked for how long….he said one year.  My jaw dropped even further.  AARRRRGGHHHHH!  LOL!  I was asked to come back a month later for check-up.  It will happen in January.

Top view of my ACL knee brace

Top view of my ACL knee brace

Side view of my ACL knee brace

Side view of my ACL knee brace



So… is dilemma with my clothing and boots.

  • Pants….skinny/tight pants have to put away for a year.  I have to try on some pants to see if they will be comfortable while I wear my brace under it.
  • I have some skirts.
  • Leggings/tight yoga pants – *crying* they have to put away for a year too.
  • Sweat pants – they are for home use only!
  • Long dresses – I have some.
  • Shorts – I have some.
  • Ankle-high winter boots (I have to put away my knee-high boots for a year….:( )

My mom told me about her work at high school….kids with ACL knee brace – they mostly wear shorts year-around.  Geee!!!!!

I researched and decided that I am to look for reasonable and affordable prices on these following items rather than cutting up my pants:

  • Skirts – both long and short
  • Maxi Dresses
  • Long Dresses
  • Thigh-high Leg Warmers
  • Leg Warmers
  • Bike shorts
  • Skorts
  • Loose- and wide-fitting and wide-leg pants
  • Shorts

It is gonna be an interesting journey for me fashion- and clothing-wise!  😉  So far, my current challenges with mobilization are:

  • not able to drive yet
  • walk up/down stairs gingerly and slowly
  • not able to sit in back of the car cuz my knee has not bent at 90 degrees yet, so I have to sit in front passenger seat
  • not able to get around tight spaces effortlessly

I began my personal training at my local gym on Friday 5-Dec  and I felt good.  My knee was doing all right, but I listened to my body and knee by not pushing it for now.  I will resume my physical therapy next Thursday 11-Dec for 3 times a week for next 4 weeks and I am excited!  I am already thinking about going back to hiking this Spring only if I can help it by not trying to think about snowboarding/skiing this Winter!  If my knee feels good, I might do snowshoeing, but not gonna hold my breath.  🙂

Wish me well on my post-surgery recovery/healing journey.

Hello folks!  Yesterday was the beginning day of my journey with my knee repair/recovery…..Just had two medical devices delivered to get ready for my big day today… device, CPM (pictured above) will assist with increasing/decreasing extension & flexion of my knee – 2 hrs, 3 times a day for 2 weeks or so. Another device, ACL knee brace, I am to wear it full-time when I move around….it will goes on my knee a day after surgery. It takes a while for my mixed feelings to sink in…..

CPM device and ACL knee brace

CPM – assist with increasing/decreasing extension & flexion of my knee
ACL knee brace – it goes on my knee for full-time movement for months

Knowing that I am surrounded by warming and amazing support system from you guys – my family, loved ones, friends, and AT community, it makes it a bit easier for me to begin my stride by accepting the physical and emotional pains along the journey….knowing that I will have brand new knee to resume my activities especially hiking which I love doing – as my friends tease calling me “Bionic Woman”.

I plan to update once I am out of surgery later this week.  If I do not check in before the holidays, have a wonderful Thanksgiving and holidays to y’all!  Stay safe and count your blessings for what you are thankful for.

September 2020


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Map of entire Appalachian Trail - 2,179 miles/3,507 km

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