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Yyyyyyaaaaaayyyyyy!!!!!!! We made it to DWG (Delaware Water Gap)!!! We crossed the bridge into New Jersey – Kittatinny Visitor’s Center. It concluded our hiking in Penn-rocky/muddy-va!!!! As of today, we hiked through 8 states (GA, NC, TN, VA, WV, MD, PA, & VT). For 45 days (started on 18-April thru 2-June), we logged 432 miles on foot!!! Woo-hoo!

We are going on hiatus until early August. We plan to hike in NH and ME in August (from Glencliff, NH to East Flagstaff Lake, ME – around 229 miles). After that, we plan to hike from North Adams, MA toward DWG, NJ (Kittatinny Visitor’s Center) until mid-October.

We heartily thank everyone for their support and help.

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Today is the big day for Cane and me. We are going to hike from Wind Gap, PA to Delaware Water Gap, PA then cross the bridge into NJ to make a first stop at Kittatinny Visitor’s Center in Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area with Paul E. cheering on us. It is around 16.8 miles left for us to hike….. Sweet 16! Oh, heat wave finally broke up yesterday afternoon. Today is gorgeous day – in 70’s and sunny! Such a good day to end our leg and journey from Waynesboro, VA to Columbia, NJ!

Today is also special day for me. It is my Dad’s birthday. Happy Birthday, Dad!!!! Cannot wait to see u, Mom, JV, Tim, Janice, Dorothy, and their families!

DWG or bust!!!! ūüėČ

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Hey everyone….I am sooo super busy that I barely have time to read email, comments from this blog, and even my own novel. ¬†UGH…..My apologies to everyone that may be waiting to hear a peep out of me. ¬†I will not be able to read/reply until next week. Here is the WHY part….Since Cane injured his head a few days ago, we got booted off from the trail for 3 days. ¬†It kind of pushed back our plans to complete our leg in Penn-muddy-va or Penn-rocky-va depending on which section of trail we are hiking in Pennsylvania. ¬† I can see how challenging it is for Cane to hike on rocky¬†terrain¬†and boulder field with full-gear backpack. ¬†The weight of backpack easily throws us off if we take misstep or shift our weight by accident while moving across the rocky¬†terrain/boulder field. ¬†It also slows down us a big time by not able to hike more miles out of the day if we encounter any rocky terrain/boulder field. ¬†Our final day of hiking is this Thursday 2-June. ¬†I frantically drew up several strategies trying to figure out if we are able to finish this incredibly crazy and difficult leg toward DWG – Delaware Water Gap – to get ourselves cross over to¬†state line¬†of my dear home state – New Jersey. ¬†It is nearly impossible to carry out¬†strategies¬†without available and local resources/help. ¬†I came up with a several ideas….I tapped into the resources and got some help that will help us, Cane and myself, to accomplish our mission – Operation Final Dash Toward DWG (or should I re-named it to Operation MAD Dash Toward DWG? ¬†Ha!!!)

Mission name: Operation Final Dash Toward DWG

Timeline of Mission: 27-May-2011 thru 2-June-2011

Mission goal: To complete our leg in the state of Penn-muddy/rocky-va while slackpacking (no more full-gear backpack with all of sleeping stuff, 3-6 days worth of food and other stuff to carry – between 30 to 45 pounds to carry)!!!!

How many miles left as of today (31-May-2011): Bake Oven Knob Road, Germansville, PA to Delaware Water Gap (DWG) –¬†44.9 miles/72.3 kilometers


  • Our dear friend, Paul E.
  • Our supporter for AT shuttle driver, Amy L.
  • RamSham’s 4-wheel vehicle – car – for Paul to give us the support
  • RamSham’s sanity & sense of humor
  • Cane’s perseverance & “knight suit”
  • RamSham’s beloved friend’s country house as our base for place to stay, eat, and rest
  • RamSham’s and Cane’s family, friends, and supporters cheering on us to accomplish our goal

Weather Forecast this week: Triple H’s (Hot, Hazy, and Humidity)

Note (more of to ourselves, I think): No more zero days!  We must hike at average of 14 miles a day to arrive DWG this week.

Rewards upon completing our goal: Going on tubing down on the Delaware River in DWG! ¬†ūüėé

Anyhow, please pray and cheer on us to accomplish our mission this week – DWG or BUST!!!!

We are back on the trail today and plan to hike toward Walnutport, PA which is around 60 miles away. ¬†Cane is all suited up (arm guards, shin guards, gloves, knee cap guards) along with new bicycle helmet. ¬†I told him that he is now “the Knight of the Trail”. ¬†ūüėČ ¬†We cannot believe that next week is last week of hiking. ¬†We hope to make it to Walnutport, PA in one piece and with better weather than we had for past two weeks – rain, shower, rain and shower!!!! ¬†ūüėé ¬†Until next time, folks!

We got to get together for some drinks and meal as Bear Jew and Rock Puncher arrived in Port Clinton, PA yesterday. We will miss them as they continue on their journey today. Since late April, we both stalking each other for heck of fun since the Pass Mountain shelter in Shenandoah National Park. They were being wonderful and patient with Cane which I truly appreciate having met and hiked with them. We wish them Happy Trails until they reach the summit of Katahdin!!!

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We were at hospital. Cane took a nasty spill in rocky area – falling down head-on on the cragged rock. The cragged rock of Pennsylvania made a lovely gash or mark on his head. Cane appeared to be ok and alert. We hiked around 7 miles and hitched a ride to hospital which was around 35 minutes ride. Gee, now he said he will buy a bicycle helmet after what happened to him. We talked about getting a bicycle helmet as we entered into Pennsylvania, but we didn’t get to do that. He received 4 sutures on his head. It is his 3rd gash on his head after falling head-on the rock, but this 3rd one required stitches. He is wearing “red badge of courage” or the hiker called him “Super-Trooper”.

gash on Cane's top part of head

gash on Cane's top part of head

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We left Duncannon this morning and survived our thunderstorm hiking on top of the ridge. Sheesh! Anyhow, tomorrow, we will hit 300 miles mark since we left Rockfish Gap in Shenandoah National Park a month ago (18-April). We logged in around 1,400 miles already! Cane continues to amaze me with his determination and perservance! Almost 2 weeks left of hiking – we plan to stop hiking on 3- or 4-June for a couple of months. We shall return hiking in August for a couple of month. We are heading for Port Clinton – around 60 miles of hiking from Duncannon. Until next time, folks!

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We are back on the trail after spending 2 days in Duncannon, PA. The trail is supposedly to be a challenge for Cane.  Also, it is known for foot-bruising and boot-destroyer.  Nevertheless, we are going to take one step at a time Рgradually one mile at a time. We will be on trail for one week or so. Until next time, folks!!!

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We passed the midpoint of AT last Friday (yeah, Friday the 13th!). On Saturday, we as teamwork completed half-gallon ice cream challenge in 45 minutes at Pine Grove Furnace General Store. We visited AT museum and met one of volunteers who knew some ASL. Cool! We met Bill Irwin, the first AT blind hiker, at the museum. It was such an honor! We are now hiking toward Duncannon. More details to come once we arrive in Duncannon.

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This morning, I am running around like a chicken without its head trying to get things done before going back on the trail.¬† Got a couple of interview requests, some email and comments to reply to, some updates to blog to do, check and re-check the schedule and list, and etc….ceaseless tasks while hiking!¬† Funny thing is that some people think long distance hiking is like a vacation.¬† Okiieee….I invite these people who think like that to come out and hike with us to see what it is really all about!¬† ūüė鬆 Anyhow, my apologies if I do not get back to any of you sooner via the blog, email, Facebook, and etc.¬† Next time when I have actual ZERO zero-day, I hope to dear that I will have time to catch up with my life, loved ones, and friends in the “real world”.¬† Please bear patient with me.¬†

Anyhow, for a brief update Рwe are hiking toward midpoint of Appalachian Trail (1,090.5 miles) Pine Grove Furance State Park. We are so stoked!  We are already over 1,250 miles, but to be physically part of midpoint of Appalachian Trail is even cooler.  We plan to visit the Appalachian Trail musuem there.  Until next time, folks!

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Map of entire Appalachian Trail - 2,179 miles/3,507 km - through 14 states - Georgia, North Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia, West Virginia, Maryland, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Vermont, New Hampshire, and Maine

Map of entire Appalachian Trail - 2,179 miles/3,507 km

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