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We enjoyed our time with our friends all day long yesterday in Harpers Ferry and Charles Town, WV.  We also enjoyed our time at ATC.  We are off to hike into Maryland today from Harpers Ferry, WV.  It is 41 miles from WV to PA through MD, so it should be around 4 to 5 days of hiking.  Good bye and thanks for your hospitality, WV!   Happy Mother’s Day to y’all!

Hello folks!  Here is the list of plans for tomorrow, Saturday 7-May:

11:00 am – Cane and I plan to show up at ATC HQ (Appalachian Trail Conservancy) in Harpers Ferry with our backpacks to be critiqued by experienced hikers with the goal of safely reducing our pack weight.  A sign Language interperter will be provided during that time. 

1:00 pm – Lunch
The Anvil Restaurant
1270 W. Washington Street
Harpers Ferry, WV

5:30 pm – Dinner
Ruby Tuesday of Charles Town

Please feel free to contact Cane via SMS (if you need his SMS number, please email him on his pager) if you need more inforamtion or have any questions.  It is going to be a beautiful weather tomorrow!  We are looking forward to getting together with our friends tomorrow! 

Here is the link where you can get more information from ATC HQ for all-day long event if you are interested in attending (please note – Cane and I will be at ATC HQ from 11 am to 12:30 pm only):

Spring Hiking Season Celebration

Rain stopped at noon and we made a quick decision to hike around 8 miles to Blackburn Center to stay for a night TODAY.  That way, we can arrive in Harpers Ferry tomorrow and take care of Cane’s boots problem right away.  Cane’s boots fell apart after only 2 weeks of absorbing some abuses from the rocks.  He has to find very strudious boots that can withstand tremendous amount of abuses from the rocks this weekend or he will hike bootless!  😎

Catch y’all later, folks!

We elected not to hike today due to soggy and cold rainy day today.  It is not fun and easy to hike on the trail in that weather condition.  We are taking the “rainy day” today at Bears Den and hanging out with other hikers – Rockpuncher and Bear Jew – who have been hitching along with us since Pass Mountain Shelter after Thornton Gap in Shenandoah National Park.  They are fun and sweet couple from DC who wanted to hike from Swift Run Gap (a bit more south of Thornton Gap) to Katahdin.  Other hiker, Kermit, is a sweet woman who knows a bit of fingerspellings and sign language.  The hostess of Bears Den, Hopeful, knows some sign language because she wants to be able to communicate with her two children with “Baby Signs”.  Hopeful’s husband’s name is Red Wing.  He went out of the way to get me gluten free pizza, so I can eat it with other hikers who were having pizza last night at Bears Den.  After that, I got to wolf down a pint of Ben’s and Jerry’s Peanut Butter Cup ice cream.  Mmmmmmm!

Not a bad idea to stay in on rainy day, eh?  😎  Our arrival in Harpers Ferry will be pushed back to this Friday.  We are looking forward to meeting our friends this Saturday.  I plan to post the schedule for this Saturday before this Friday at 18:00 (6 pm).  Stay dry and warm, folks!

The “roller coaster” trail we entered a 13.5 miles section with 10 accents and decents. We stopped at Bears Den Hostel on 7th or 8th mountain for a night and get back to trail again tomorrow morning to head up to Harper Ferry which is 19 miles. We look forward to seeing folks on Saturday. Time for pizza now yummy… We need lot of CARB and energy getting ready for tomorrow. 🙂

Hello folks!  Thank you for letting me know via posting or email that you plan to meet us.  We will be back on the trail tomorrow and we will not have an access to Internet until Thursday 5-May or Friday 6-May.  I plan to post the details on evening of  Friday 6-May.  You are welcome to meet us for lunch or dinner or even spend time with us all the day.  We are so excited about getting together and having a grand time exchanging stories.

We arrived in Front Royal, VA yesterday after hiking from Swift Run Gap this past Monday – around 60 miles of hiking.  It was not easy task for Cane to hike as he experienced some cramps in his stomach area from time to time.  He is going through RamSham’s Boot Camp session – getting himself into shape at mercy of RamSham.  😎  Last Wednesday, it was not fun to ride out the nasty overnight thunderstorm on top of howling wind, horizontal rain and powerful lightnings, but we were ok in the morning.  Thank goodness!    Tomorrow, we plan to get back on the trail hiking the “Roller Coaster” – 10 ascents and descents – toward Harpers Ferry, WV.  We hope to arrive on Thursday 5-May or Friday 6-May.  Wish us the best of luck!

We are hiking in Shenandoah National Park for around 60 miles north toward Front Royal, VA.  This week’s weather forecast doesn’t look good on top of possible thunderstorms and rain storms, so we do our best to get through.  Have a good week, folks.

Just a note that the pictures and video had been uploaded.  Here are the links:

Here is the link to our videos:

Here is the link to our photos:

Or if you want the direct link to the photo album, here are the links:

I learned Alan Champion, beloved sign language interpreter, died last Friday after battling with cancer for a long time.  Despite his battle with cancer, he continued to work and showed his beautiful side instead of being bitter or angry about his time being cut short.  I wasn’t ready to think about him until today, the day of Easter, while I was hiking on AT.  I normally do not share anything personal about myself, however I feel comfortable to share with you all for today only.

I first met Alan a few years ago.  My first impression of him was that he was full of energy, wonderful sense of humor, and enjoyed chatting.  He loved to talk about his trips to Costa Rica which he went there several times.  He was fantastic with their diversity in eco-system and animals.  I asked him for some tips when I was preparing for my Costa Rica trip and gosh, he was resourceful person, indeed!  I met him once in while in New York City when I attended some Broadway and off-Broadway shows which he interpreted.  He was one of top theater interpreters in New York City.  He with other interpreters established the standard of what it takes to become a theater interpreter.  I was always blown away with his talents of interpreting the complicated concepts or lines from the play.  He did it so beautifully.  The theater world in New York City indeed lost one of its best actors and it will never be same without him ever again.

As the closet poetry writer, I wrote my poem at spur of moment in following of my friend’s father’s death a few weeks ago.  I think it is proper time to share it with you.


I Remember You.

At the rising of the sun and at its dusking, I remember you.

At the whisking of the wind and the biting of winter, I remember you.

At the opening of the buds and in the rebirth of spring, I remember you.

At the cobalt of the skies and in the warmth of summer, I remember you.

At the rustling of the leaves and in the alluring of autumn, I remember you.

At the arrival of the new year and when it departs, I remember you.

As long as I live, you too will live; for you are now a part of me, as I remember you.


While I was in mourn for his death, I realized that my walk on AT was also remembrance walk to celebrate his life.  While I watched trees budding, flowers blooming, and animals coming out of its burrow or its home, these Spring season reminds me that there is a cycle to life and death – if tree dies, the new tree shall grow.  Alan may be gone from this planet, but his legacy remains.  He continues to live within each of us as long as we remember him.  His untimely death reminded me of another interpreter from New York City, Kathy Sciarbarra, who died two years ago unexpectedly this month.  I do miss her and her sayings like crazy, but life goes on and keep on spreading the good energy among people as she would want us to do so.  Walking on AT is such a good therapy for me – to ponder, think, evaluate, remember, and etc….and at same time, safe place for me to shed some tears among the nature other than a bear or gopher showing up on the  trail all of sudden, of course (winks).

Here is the link to the article from this past Fall of 2010 about Alan Champion, his life in general  and how he dealt with his cancer:

May 2020


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