If you would like to send a card, postcard, care package or trinkets to cheer on us, please feel free to send us a mail drop.

We plan to post the address of scheduled mail drop ahead of time – around two weeks before the stop. Please use “Contact Us” to give us a head-up if you are sending something one week before the scheduled mail drop pick-up (our contact with the civilization will be limited while hiking), so we can check for your box. If it doesn’t arrive, it may get returned to you. We do not want to miss them!

Three Ways to Send Mail Drops:
1. To a post office, first class.

2. To a post office, fourth class insured (cheaper, but takes longer).
Address package:

Roni Lepore/Roger Poulin
General Delivery
Town, State ZIP Code

3. To a hostel, motel, or other place, by Postal Service, Federal Express, UPS, or other shippers.
Address package:

Roni Lepore/Roger Poulin
Name of Lodging/Other Place
Full Street Address
Town, State ZIP Code

Do NOT include the words “General Delivery” on a package sent to any location (i.e. hotel, motel, store) other than a post office: It will never leave the post office.

On ALL packages, write off to the side, “Hold for northbound A.T. hiker,” with an ETA (Estimated Time of Arrival). Be sure to include a return address.

We plan to try our best to post the official mail drop pick-up on the date, so please plan to mail around two weeks before the official mail drop pick-up. Please do NOT send any of these items:

any food over 0.5 pound – weight is a huge factor for our backpacking
wheat/gluten food – we are allergic to them
candies, chocolates, coffee – weight is factor
books – weight is factor

Any of items above will become “Trail Magic”. If you are not familiar with this term, look up under “Resources – Trail Terms”. 😎

May we suggest the following items for care package:
dried non- or low-sodium/sweetened food like vegetables, fruits
raw nuts like almonds, peanuts