Ad-Cane and RamSham would like to recognize and heartfelt thank to these following people for giving their time to support us on our expedition:

David Whitney (2013 & 2014) – videos and pictures

Svetalana Kouznetsova –  teaching and training RamSham on how to set up this awesome blog in 2010

Mark Mace (April-August 2010) and Larry Poulin (August-October 2010, 2011, 2012) – uploading videos and pictures

Diane Poulin (2010) and Larry Poulin (2011, 2012, 2013) – mail drop coordinator and our personal “cheerleader”

Ted and Colleen at REI in Marlton, NJ and Conshohocken, NJ – 2009 – helping us to learn more about backcountry cooking, camping, using map, compass, & GPS and most of all, their invaluable advices and sharing of their expertises with us to help us to prepare for AT – REI provided the interpreters for the courses, so we encourage you to check out REI clincis since they are awesome!

In addition, Ad-Cane and RamSham want to thank to their family, friends and loved ones for all of their supports, encouragements, and advices.  It is definitely a boost for us to start and continue our expedition along the trail.