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Cane and I are back in Augusta once again. Poor Cane….he didn’t have a single of “good hiking day” for 4 days in row – dealt with cramps in his stomach area and left side of his rib, so we got off the trail around 16 miles before Caratunk in middle of nowhere (Moxie Lake, Maine) a couple of days ago. He is going to see his doctor today. Please continue with praying and hoping for the best for him.

As usual, I am restless and want to explore more of nature in and around Augusta, so here is the list what I have done so far:

Thursday 19-Aug – Cane and I went for a hiking in a place called Augusta Nature Education Center.  I really enjoyed my hiking there as the environment kept changing as we hiked.  Wow!

Saturday 21-Aug – Last weekend, Cane’s and Larry’s cousin Rose mentioned about certain place that we must hike.  Larry, Cane and I went for a hiking at Jamie’s Pond Wildlife Management Area in Manchester, Maine.  We hiked around 6.5 miles loop.  Most of the trail were well maintained except in the wetland area.  It was overgrown with some “mean” plants that scratch at you as you go through.  UGH!  This particular area definitely need some bushwhacking!

Sunday 22-Aug – Cane and I went for a hiking at University of Maine  in Augusta Fitness Center (I cannot find the link anywhere about the Fitness Center at University of Main, so no link is available).  According to the website, the Fitness Trail is a set of loop trails totaling 2 miles in length in a forest and is “supposedly” another example of one of Augusta’s hidden gems.   There are fitness stations along the trail.  We found the fitness stations in poor or terrible shape which are unusable due to poor maintenance and age.  The map was nowhere to be found online or at the site for us to use, although the map was posted on large display in one area only.  The markers were not well-marked either.  Nevertheless, we just hiked through and guessed our way through the forest which was fun for both of us.

Tuesday 24-Aug – Cane and I went for a hiking on Round Top trail in Belgrade Lake region.  Roger’s cousin Rose recommended it to us to hike, so we were gladly to explore.  We didn’t get to complete the 3.9 miles circuit as we started late.  There were 3 or 4 more trails in that area, so I imagine that we will come back to complete each of these section/circuit.  Belgrade Lake region was such as beautiful lake area and some wilderness along the lake.

Cane and I went to Greenville, Maine for Cane’s follow-up appointment with his hand specialist this past Monday afternoon.  His specialist deferred his blessings to a hand surgeon in Augusta, Maine.  Cane is working on getting an appointment with a hand surgeon, but it may not happen until two weeks later.   He was going to see an occupational therapist tomorrow (Thursday) to get a new splint which is much stronger and can do a better job of keeping his finger straighten.  His specialist mentioned that he needs to allow his finger to completely healed for next 3 to 4 weeks.  We will find out more tomorrow and make decision on our hiking plans for this month.

I went on hiking in and around Augusta, Maine while allowing Cane’s finger to heal for few days.  I really enjoyed exploring the trails and getting my share of hiking before going back on AT.  Here is the list of trails where I hiked:

Wednesday 11-Aug – Larry (Cane’s brother) and I went for a hiking at Mount Pisgah in Winthrop and Wayne.  The trail was moderate to climb around 400 feet to the top then a trip to top of firetower to check out awesome 360 degrees view.  We also hiked the portion of Nancy’s Bog which was next to Mount Pisgah, but we didn’t get to see the bog because the property was not mapped and well-marked.  We came to several trails, so we decided to turn back.

Thursday 12-Aug – Cane and I went for a short hiking on introductory trail named “Viles Loop” at Viles Arboretum (also known as Pine Tree State Arboretum). It was a good loop to see various section in the arboretum at once.

Friday 13-Aug – Larry, Cane and I hiked 13 miles on Kennebec River Rail Trail (6.5 miles on way from Augusta to Gardiner, then return to Augusta same way).  We ate our delicious lunch in Hallowell and evening snack at A1 in Gardiner.  It was nice to hike along the river and good work-out for all of us.

Saturday 14-Aug – One of my favorite spots here in Augusta area – “Hobbit Land” or Vaughan Woods in Hallowell, Maine.  Larry and Cane joined us hiking for a few hours, so we had fun exploring 166 acres consisting of a few bridges, dam, and interesting rock formation.  Hear is some pictures that Cane took on his Blackberry:

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Sunday 15-Aug – Roger’s and Larry’s sweet cousin named Rose asked to join with us hiking.  We decided on hiking the place called Gannett Woods and Wyman Memorial Forest.  We were surprised how poor maintainence for these trails were…some of trails were not well-marked and not cleared for anyone to walk through.  There were some blowndowns which were not cleared off.  Nevertheless, we had fun exploring and hiking together.  After the hiking, we went out for an ice cream and chat.

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