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Hello folks!  September is here already!  Unbelievable!  My summer was mixed with some good and bad things out of it.  Let’s start with bad things.  After 2nd surgery, it was most miserable, painful, and terrible recovery for me which lasted through to mid-August.  I was told that it was going to be one hour surgery with one week of recovery, but during the surgery, my surgeon saw how serious damage my meniscus.  It was literally torn in middle….more of it split in half.  The original plan was to trim off the “hanging” meniscus on the edge, but no…..scrape that and decided on sewing two parts of meniscus together as one disc of meniscus.  So, it involved some extensive work on my meniscus, hamstring muscles and MCL.  My surgeon didn’t get to see me after the surgery (I think he was in back-to-back surgery), so I had no idea of changes in surgery until I saw him a month later.

When I woke up from surgery, I felt ok, but oddly….I went home as expected.  I was to use crutch for one week, but only used it for two days.  However, I was not feeling ok….more of out of place and not being myself.  I just tried to deal with pain and it continued beyond a week of “expected recovery period” in my head.  I said to myself, “Ok….just give it some more time, maybe few more days or so.”  Nope, it continued throughout the entire summer with me “holding in” my pains to myself and dealing with my travel, work, and life as best as I can.  Some people did noticed how miserable I was in.  I had wonderful assistance during conferences that I attended over this summer to help me to get around the places via golf cart or whatsoever.  They have my gratitude.

When I got to see my surgeon a month after my surgery, I asked him about what was wrong with my recovery period.  He then told me about changes made to surgery plans upon observing and witnessing the “true” damages in my knee area.  Ah ha……He said to attend physical therapy for a month and give myself some weeks to feel ok again.  I decided to spread out my physical therapy sessions over the summer between conferences I was attending, so I can focus on what I needed to work on myself and get on with my life as best as I can.  It wasn’t easy thing to do, but I did it.

I just saw my surgeon a few days ago for follow-up appointment and told him that I finally felt much better in mid-August and was able to re-gain my range of motion in my knee area.  I noticed that I haven’t experienced subluxation (knee pop out/in) since 2nd surgery, so I felt that the 2nd surgery may be successful by remedying my issues.  I still have some numbness on my knee, but in one year from 2nd surgery, hopefully, I will get some or all of these “feelings” back on my knee area.  If not, that’s ok.  I am still working on reducing pains in my knee from squatting and getting up from the floor unassisted.

By end of this month, I will be done with my physical therapy sessions and resume “no limitation” activities.  I am going to take one thing slow and one day at a time….taking up hiking, running, biking, kayaking, and etc. again.  I miss them so much!  Hopefully, I am able to ski/snowboard/snowshoe by this Winter!  🙂  Thank you, my dear family, friends, and supporters, for all of your words of encouragement, prayers, and etc throughout my journey with repairing my knee and getting back on my “feet” once again.  If my knee feels good and allow me to resume long distance hiking expedition again, I will be absolutely exhilarated!  Appalachian Trail (AT) caused me to fall in love with long distance hiking and miss them so badly when I do not get to do them.  🙂

Anyhow, I am going to begin my new journey – organize and begin my journey of sharing story of AT journey with Deafblind and SSP hikers.  I am going to start thinking about where do I start with and surely will let y’all know what my next plans are!  So exciting!  Enjoy the changing season – from summer to autumn…..

I had a nice long holiday weekend on my “old stomping grounds” – Rochester, NY.  I got to visit and chat some of my friends which was nice.  Hope your long holiday weekend went well.  I hope my friends and family who are in Texas are doing ok with all of severe storms going on for past few days.

I am now preparing myself for early tomorrow’s 2nd surgery on my same knee – to repair partially-torn meniscus.  At this time, the surgery is going to be a minor ones – one hour with one week of recovery.  I pray that this surgery will address my issues – my knee instability and pains.  *crossing fingers and toes*  Be in touch when I am out of surgery.

Our mobile Trail Angel Paul E. came up to visit us in Pawling, New York.  At Ad-Cane’s request, Paul E. translated Ad-Cane’s message in ASL to English.

At my last blog entry, I mentioned that my eyes are changing from one year to the next. Despite this, I have decided to continue my goal of finishing the Appalachian Trail. It is important to think positive with this goal in mind. I am inspired by the comments related to my last blog entry and this helps me to stay positive and continue.  This decision may change as I continue the hike over the next few weeks.  Last week, Roni and I started the hike with full gear backpacks. This time, the pace is definitely slower than last year with the full backpacks, due to Roni’s temperamental knee and my changing eyesight.  Taking in account walking the slower pace, the weather behaving, and having good knees, Roni and I plan to arrive in Williamstown, MA in two weeks.

Please keep those comments coming; I do read them for continued inspiration. In turn, I will do my best to keep you posted on my progress.

Happy Trails!

Hello folks!  As we were creeping up our way to the Bear Mountain in Hudson Valley of the state of New York, we are going to hike from Bear Mountain by crossing Bear Mountain bridge over Hudson River toward Pawling, New York.  My right knee is still hurting, but becoming less hurting and swollen as the time goes by.  We were limited to short day hiking(between 1 to 7 miles a day) last week.  I went to see my doctor last Friday and had MRI done to make sure there is no any tearing in my right knee.  My doctor suspected that there may be no tearing involved, however I will get the result from MRI this week.  We enjoyed ourselves at Trailside Museums and Zoo near to Bear Mountain bridge.  I hope I am able to hike with less difficulty this week especially with full gear backpacking and going downhill (it hurts the most).  This week, it will be around 42 miles of hiking in a stretch.  Hope for a good weather and injury-free this week.

Yesterday, we said our good-bye to our mobile Trail Angel, Paul E. who spent a month (April 2012) supporting us.  We thank him and my family for their support and time to make sure that we continue with our journey.  After crossing the Hudson River, we will be pretty much on our own.  We hope to arrive Williamstown, MA in mid-May to end of May.  *crossing fingers*

Have a good week, folks.

September 2020


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Appalachian Trail

Map of entire Appalachian Trail - 2,179 miles/3,507 km - through 14 states - Georgia, North Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia, West Virginia, Maryland, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Vermont, New Hampshire, and Maine

Map of entire Appalachian Trail - 2,179 miles/3,507 km

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