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We started hiking from the foothill of Pochuck Mountain going north.  We enjoyed the scenic view from top of the Pochuck Mountain – view of High Point and Fire Tower to the south of High Point.  We thought of our favorite stalkers – Bear Jew and Rockpuncher.  They got engaged at that spot last June 2011.  😎  The temperature kept rising from 60’s deg F to low 90’s deg F by around 1 pm.  It was extreme hot day even for Spring and mid-April.  UGH!

The problem came up after crossing Rt. 565  and before Rt. 517.  I indicated to Cane that the trail turned right at top of the hill and Cane took the wrong fork in the trail and kept hiking for a while.  After waiting at next fork of the trail for 10 minutes, I tried to backtrack on the trail to find him for around half an hour, but it was challenging since I am Deaf – for me to not able to hear where he may went or listen his whistles  to find him.  As for Cane, it is double challenging for him as Deafblind – he doesn’t see well to figure out where he is and he cannot hear me using whistle or shout to find his way back to the right trail.  It is not first time it happened like that.  However, Cane just mentioned to me that his vision changed this year from last year.  It is hard for me think about how he is dealing with his changing vision.   I am going to leave that to him to share how he is dealing with this.  All I know that he said that he doesn’t let it to stop him from achieving his goal – finishing AT even though at expense of his vision.  It left me speechless and admiration for his determination.

The good news is that I found him after 3 hours of figuring out where Cane could be via texting.  He blew the whistle from time to time and the hikers found him.  They guided him back to AT trail and Cane texted me letting me know he is back on the trail.  I backtracked and found him a bit further south on the trail.  I asked my father to pick us up and go home tonight since I last saw Cane at around 1:45 pm and I knew after 3 hours of searching and hiking around, we will be exhausted on top of heat and physical exertion and it was too late to hike to shelter which was around 8 miles away by time we arrived at Rt. 517 at 5:15 pm.  We are resting tonight and plan to get back on trail tomorrow to hike toward Wawayanda Shelter – around 8 miles to hike by taking it easy after today’s episode and hot weather.  Cane fell fast asleep at around 8:00 pm tonight.  😉  Good to have him in safe place tonight.

We resume our hiking today from Pochuck Mountain in New Jersey toward Bear Mountain in New York this week.  The boots saga continues: Cane is now on his 9 th pair of his boots as he bought a new pair last week.  He ought to be a good quality test candidate for boots company.  O:-)  Anyhow, have a good week, folks.

Hello folks!  We stopped at foothill of Pochuck Mountain in NJ  (Lake Wallkill Road) to take a couple of zero days.  We plan to return on the trail this Sunday 15-April to hike into New York – around less than 20 miles left in NJ.

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Appalachian Trail

Map of entire Appalachian Trail - 2,179 miles/3,507 km - through 14 states - Georgia, North Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia, West Virginia, Maryland, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Vermont, New Hampshire, and Maine

Map of entire Appalachian Trail - 2,179 miles/3,507 km

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