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Hello folks!  Yesterday was the beginning day of my journey with my knee repair/recovery…..Just had two medical devices delivered to get ready for my big day today… device, CPM (pictured above) will assist with increasing/decreasing extension & flexion of my knee – 2 hrs, 3 times a day for 2 weeks or so. Another device, ACL knee brace, I am to wear it full-time when I move around….it will goes on my knee a day after surgery. It takes a while for my mixed feelings to sink in…..

CPM device and ACL knee brace

CPM – assist with increasing/decreasing extension & flexion of my knee
ACL knee brace – it goes on my knee for full-time movement for months

Knowing that I am surrounded by warming and amazing support system from you guys – my family, loved ones, friends, and AT community, it makes it a bit easier for me to begin my stride by accepting the physical and emotional pains along the journey….knowing that I will have brand new knee to resume my activities especially hiking which I love doing – as my friends tease calling me “Bionic Woman”.

I plan to update once I am out of surgery later this week.  If I do not check in before the holidays, have a wonderful Thanksgiving and holidays to y’all!  Stay safe and count your blessings for what you are thankful for.

Hello everyone,

It is time to let the cat out of the bag.  As you might recalled from my previous posting mentioning briefly about my ACL injury –, guess what.  I re-injured it while hiking in Maine with less than 100 miles away from Mt. Katahdin in early September 2013.  I didn’t mentioned it as I wanted to keep it low-profile and concentrate trying to conquer Mt. Katahdin in June 2014 as we failed at our first attempt in September 2013.  I saw my orthopedic doctor in November 2013 and decided that I may suffer more damages to my ACL, meniscus, and possible MCL.  I opted to postpone the treatment options until after I complete the entire AT which was to be after June 2014.  The reason was that if I went ahead to have a surgery to repair my knee, it means that my recovery may takes between 3 months and 1 year.   I decided not to gamble on it trying to recover and prepare at same time for the summit climb.

Here is a picture of torn ACL to give you an illusion:

ACL torn

ACL torn

Here is a picture of torn meniscus:

meniscus torn

meniscus torn

Fast forward to June 2014, I climbed and conquered Mt. Katahdin with Ad-Cane, David Whitney, and his son, Ateon.  I am eternally grateful for David and Ateon being with us to provide support to us when my knees was giving me some troubles and not able to support Ad-Cane.  It was painful journey for me, but it took a huge amount of my mental and physical concentration to get through.  I was supposed to be visiting the Robarges in Michigan and traveling in Europe working during the month of September 2014, but my knee was giving me some troubles after Mt. Katahdin climb.  It was a utmost difficult decision for me to forfeit the trips and take care of my knee trouble.  I saw orthopedic doctor in August 2014 and had MRI done in September 2014.  I saw the orthopedic surgeon a few days ago with my MRI results.  My ACL deteriorated to the point where it no longer keeping my knee together.  I collapse on my hands when I move in certain inward lateral movement.  It happens to me several times.  Pretty scary!

My knee surgery is scheduled in end of November, so I have some time to prepare and do some work on some projects including pictures, videos, and written entries on our AT journey before and after my knee surgery.  My surgeon says that I am to attend to rehab my knee for 3 to 6 months and have my knee recovered completely in a year from surgery.  It is another journey for me.  🙂

May 2020


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