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RamSham and Ad-Cane - Williamstown, MA

RamSham and Ad-Cane arrived in Williamstown, MA at last! PAH!

We are still moving….. Getting ready to enter into home stretch soon! 

By the way, I am going to call Massachusetts “Mass-quitoes-tts” and “Mass-argh-muddy-tts”! 

We are approaching Salisbury with anticipation for a bit of R & R (rest and relaxation) from soggy weather we dealt this week for two weeks in rows.  We understand that there may be another week of soggy weather.  *sigh*  We plan to come up with strategy how to deal with another week of soggy weather.  Williamstown, MA is around less than 90 miles away from Salisbury, CT.  Stay tuned, folks.

Our mobile Trail Angel Paul E. came up to visit us in Pawling, New York.  At Ad-Cane’s request, Paul E. translated Ad-Cane’s message in ASL to English.

At my last blog entry, I mentioned that my eyes are changing from one year to the next. Despite this, I have decided to continue my goal of finishing the Appalachian Trail. It is important to think positive with this goal in mind. I am inspired by the comments related to my last blog entry and this helps me to stay positive and continue.  This decision may change as I continue the hike over the next few weeks.  Last week, Roni and I started the hike with full gear backpacks. This time, the pace is definitely slower than last year with the full backpacks, due to Roni’s temperamental knee and my changing eyesight.  Taking in account walking the slower pace, the weather behaving, and having good knees, Roni and I plan to arrive in Williamstown, MA in two weeks.

Please keep those comments coming; I do read them for continued inspiration. In turn, I will do my best to keep you posted on my progress.

Happy Trails!

Hello folks!  As we were creeping up our way to the Bear Mountain in Hudson Valley of the state of New York, we are going to hike from Bear Mountain by crossing Bear Mountain bridge over Hudson River toward Pawling, New York.  My right knee is still hurting, but becoming less hurting and swollen as the time goes by.  We were limited to short day hiking(between 1 to 7 miles a day) last week.  I went to see my doctor last Friday and had MRI done to make sure there is no any tearing in my right knee.  My doctor suspected that there may be no tearing involved, however I will get the result from MRI this week.  We enjoyed ourselves at Trailside Museums and Zoo near to Bear Mountain bridge.  I hope I am able to hike with less difficulty this week especially with full gear backpacking and going downhill (it hurts the most).  This week, it will be around 42 miles of hiking in a stretch.  Hope for a good weather and injury-free this week.

Yesterday, we said our good-bye to our mobile Trail Angel, Paul E. who spent a month (April 2012) supporting us.  We thank him and my family for their support and time to make sure that we continue with our journey.  After crossing the Hudson River, we will be pretty much on our own.  We hope to arrive Williamstown, MA in mid-May to end of May.  *crossing fingers*

Have a good week, folks.

We are back!  We are resuming our journey from Delaware Water Gap in NJ next to PA.  Our mobile trail angel is back with us once again – Paul E.  We plan to hike 10 miles today toward Mohican Outdoor Center.  Today comes with good weather – sunny in 60’s degrees F.  We decided to do day hike this week since the temperature drops to high 20s degrees F to high 30s degrees F – way too cold to relax and rest at evenings and sleep at nights.   We aim to hike north toward Williamstown, MA. 

Cane’s Uncle Jean and Aunt Rose were able to join us to celebrate our milestone of midpoint/halfway at Blue Benn Diner, 1940’s diner based on diner from Paterson, New Jersey (yay! Can you detect pride of Jersey Girl?!) It was soooo nice to see them again! We left to hike in wet shower on Saturday 16-October.

We arrived in Williamstown, Massachusetts on Sunday 17-October. We were thrilled to complete our hiking in the state of Vermont. We enjoyed its hospitality, new and old friends, foods, and environment.

Upon our arrival in Massachusetts, Cane came down with a cold and some coughing. We stayed at Williamstown Motel for a couple of nights before deciding to hop on the bus going to New York City today. We will decide whether if we want to continue hiking for a few more days or hang up our boots for hiatus until next Spring. We plan to keep you posted.

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Appalachian Trail

Map of entire Appalachian Trail - 2,179 miles/3,507 km - through 14 states - Georgia, North Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia, West Virginia, Maryland, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Vermont, New Hampshire, and Maine

Map of entire Appalachian Trail - 2,179 miles/3,507 km

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