We successfully concluded our AT journey by conquering the Mt. Katahdin in June 2014, so our journey may be ended on the trail, but our journey with the world begins by sharing our stories!  🙂

UPDATED AS OF 30-APRIL-2014 – between now and Saturday 21-June-2014 – Some information below may be changed/added….please keep checking here from time to time.  

Some people asked if it is possible for them to hike along with us or meet us on the trail.  We recommend you to consider to find a campground or place close to the base of Katahdin Stream Campground between Sunday 22-June-2014 and Saturday 28-June-2014.  That way, you will be able to join with us as soon as the weather is in our favor and ready to climb in early week.   However, please be aware that the trails in the Baxter State Park may be challenging (ie: exposed tree roots, boulder field, rocky, muddy, bog/boreal/swamp, limited road/side trail access, nasty-biting bugs, and sudden-change weather), so we strongly recommend you to seriously consider your ability to hike.   Be forewarned that it will involved of climbing of 4,188 feet elevation gain one way for 5.2 miles on Hunt Trail (known as Baxter Peak stands at 5,268 feet), then climbing down of 3,778 feet elevation loss one way for 2.2 miles on Saddle Trail to Chimney Pond Campground to stay for one nighttotal miles of ONE-WAY hiking – 7.4 miles plus ONE NIGHT stay at Chimney Pond Campground.  Next day, we plan to hike out toward Roaring Brook Campground – 3.3 miles to conclude our AT journey.  It is no picnic or easy feast hiking for a couple of days!

http://www.baxterstateparkauthority.com/hiking/hikeKathadin.htm – click on “Hunt Trail (Appalachian Trail)”

http://www.baxterstateparkauthority.com/pdf/maps/Abol.pdf – map

Hunt Trail (Appalachian trail)

5.2 miles one-way Elevation gain 4,188 ft

The Hunt trail is one of the more popular trails to the summit of Katahdin. This is because of the outstanding features along the trail such as picturesque Katahdin Stream Falls, the Boulders on Hunt Spur, the traverse of the Tableland, and extensive views in all directions, as 2.4 miles of the trail is above tree line.

Difficulty level: Very Strenuous      Trailhead Parking lot: Katahdin Stream Campground

Alternatively, you may start to hike from other side of Baxter Peak (northern terminus of Appalachian Trail) via Chimney Pond Trail and Saddle Trail – total miles of hiking ONE-WAY – 5.5 miles with total elevation gain of 3,778 ft.

Chimney Pond Trail

3.3 miles one-way Elevation gain 1,425 ft

This trail takes you directly to the Chimney Pond Campground. The Helon Taylor trail leaves the Chimney Pond Trail after the first 0.1 mile. Chimney Pond Trail hike starts gradual and becomes a moderate hike. Some sections are steep and most of the trail is covered in rock. Plenty of water sources on this trail.

Difficulty level: Moderate      Trailhead Parking Lot: Roaring Brook Campground

Saddle Trail

2.2 miles one-way Elevation gain to Baxter Peak 2,353 ft

This trail is the most gradual ascent. Reach Saddle Brook at 0.8 miles from Chimney Pond campground. This is the last sure water. The most difficult section on this trail would be the 0.2 mile slide right before encountering the Tableland. Hikers should expect to encounter difficult footing, loose stones and gravel on this section of trail.

Difficulty level: Strenuous       Trailhead Parking Lot: Roaring Brook Campground

http://www.baxterstateparkauthority.com/hiking/hikeKathadin.htm – click on “Chimney Pond Trail”

http://www.baxterstateparkauthority.com/pdf/maps/RoaringBrook.pdf – map

If you experience hiking/backpacking before, then you know what equipment, food, and drink you need to take with you.  If you haven’t experience hiking/backpacking, we strongly encourage you to research online and books to see what equipment, food, and drink to pack and take with you.  Google “backpacking”, “hiking” or any keyword that may be helpful for you.

Please use “Contact Us” to let us know at least one week notice if you would like to meet for chat, hike, and/or backpacking.  We would love to meet you and share the “Trail Magic” moment!  😎