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We had a grand time with Fields, a hiker we met in Dahlongea, GA and met a few times down along the Appalachian Trail and at Trail Days, in Hanover, NH yesterday.  He is off the trail to sight see Burlington, VT, then go home in NC to work on his application to the graduate school for next year.  He will be missed by us.  We are back in our hiking business once again – hiking, eating, sleeping, and forth on. 😎  We are looking forward to spend time with our dear friend and her family this weekend in Burlington, VT area.  Nice R&R for us!

We arrived in Hanover, New Hampshire after long day of hiking – 16.9 miles from Trapper John Shelter in Lyme Center, New Hampshire.  Whew!  We noticed the changing colors on trees and how these colorful leaves blanketing the trail.  You can actually smell the autumn in the air….so lovely!  We are enjoying our zero day here – the home of Dartmouth College.  What a beautiful hiker-friendly town!  We passed 950 miles marker!  50 more miles to 4 digits – 1,000 miles!

We are off to hike from Glencliff, New Hampshire to Hanover, New Hampshire.  We can see some colors changing on the trees….we are thrilled to be among the nature and wildlife for next few days.  Have a good weekend, folks!

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Appalachian Trail

Map of entire Appalachian Trail - 2,179 miles/3,507 km - through 14 states - Georgia, North Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia, West Virginia, Maryland, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Vermont, New Hampshire, and Maine

Map of entire Appalachian Trail - 2,179 miles/3,507 km

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