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Hello Folks!

The Spring is in air at last this week in Munich, Germany, but I came down with awful sinus infection, sore throat, and cough.   UGH!  I am thinking of these AT hikers out hiking on the AT at this time of the year.  I vividly remembered the day Cane and I took our first step from the Springer Mountain in Georgia in April 2010 which is 3 years ago!  Unbelievable!  Anyhow, Cane and I plan to resume our hiking journey by end of May or beginning of June from Gorham, NH toward Katahdin, ME!  Around 256 miles left to go.  We hope/pray that we will be able to hike up to the Katahdin this summer 2013.  I plan to post some details next month, so enjoy the Spring, folks!

Happy Trails,


I finally got around to download a picture sent by sweet couple, Car 54 and Where are you.  It took place at Mooney Gap in Georgia this past April.  Our hammocks were  in background.  We looked silly as we weren’t ready to pose for the picture.  LOL  It was a good memory to camp out together on that cold and dry night after bunking together at Standing Indian shelter a night before in cold and wet weather condition.

Car 54, Cane, and RamSham at Mooney Gap

I am really sorry, folks. Yesterday, my time was occupied all day long and didn’t have time to pound the keys to share the stories with you, wonderful followers. I jotted stories on my weather-proof journal. At next R&R, I need to find a way to get some time for myself to sit down and get these stories out on the blog.

Today, Adventurous Cane and I are well-rested in Hiawassee, GA for 2 nights. We are going to take off to say good-bye to the “Peach Tree” state and say hello to “The Tar Heel” state this week.

It will be 13 states left to hike through next time I come back to the blog. So cool! 😉 Take care y’all and until next time…..

We hiked for 5 days from Neels Gap to Dick’s Creek Gap – total of around 37 miles. Roger worked hard to get across the challenging terrains which were the rocky and/or descent trails. His negotiating skills improved as the time went on. His steel determination and fire of his heart never ceased to amaze me. It was what kept me going on to provide him my support to guide him through the trail. Right now, I am going to get a decent sleeping tonight and planning to fill you in tomorrow. Cross my heart, Hope to die…… 😉 Thanks all for your continued support! Hugs to y’all from the Deep South!

PAH….Roger bought the airfares today.   Roger and I are to fly out this Monday morning (5-April) and land in Atlanta. We will stay overnight at Hiker Hostel in Dahlonega, GA.   What’s even cool is that Hiker Hostel offers Thru-Hiker Special.  It includes:

  • Shuttle from North Springs MARTA Station or Gainesville, GA to the hostel
  • Overnight stay in one of our bunk rooms
  • Breakfast
  • 8 oz of white gas or denatured alcohol (additional fuel may be purchased by the ounce)*
  • Shuttle to Amicalola Falls State Park or the Springer Mountain parking lot (0.9 miles north of Springer on USFS 42)

All for merely $70 per hiker! We will take a shuttle ride to the Springer Mountain parking lot this Tuesday 6-April to begin our AT Expedition.  It is gonna becoming a reality!  😎

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Map of entire Appalachian Trail - 2,179 miles/3,507 km - through 14 states - Georgia, North Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia, West Virginia, Maryland, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Vermont, New Hampshire, and Maine

Map of entire Appalachian Trail - 2,179 miles/3,507 km

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