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Hello everyone!

I received anticipated certificate in the mail and it brought a grinning smile from ear to ear!  I am now official recognized as 2,000 Miler – hiked on the Appalachian Trail from Springer Mtn. in Georgia to Mt. Katahdin, Maine.  Wow…..Here is my certificate along with AT patch, 2,000-Miler patch, and ATC (Appalachian Trail Conservancy) logo sticker:

Certificate of Congratulations  Roni "Ram Sham" Lepore

Certificate of Congratulations
Roni “Ram Sham” Lepore

My dear friend, Ed M., handmade this wooden plaque for me.  He completed it back in 2010, but held onto it until I completed AT this year.  Beautifully made!

Ram-Sham - wooden plaque

Ram-Sham – wooden plaque

Ad-Cane’s sister, Diane P. – one of our arduous supporter, gave each of us a gift – carved wooden stick – made by her dear friend, Billy.  She surprised us by presenting these sticks to Ad-Cane and me at the Celebration Party in Millinocket, Maine after summit ting Mt. Katahdin.

Carved Wooden Stick presented by Diane Poulin

Carved Wooden Stick presented by Diane Poulin

2 Wooden Sticks - Top one presented by Diane P. Bottom one presented by Ed M.

2 Wooden Sticks – Top one presented by Diane P. Bottom one presented by Ed M.

Ad-Cane is working on submitting his 2,000 Miler application.  He will receive Ed’s wooden plaque in the mail.  Once Ad-Cane receives both certificate and wooden plaque, I plan to post the pictures here.  Right now, he is traveling in Europe until first weekend of November.  Hopefully, the pictures will go up in November or December.

Thank to all of you for your steadfast support throughout our journey.













We enjoyed our time with our friends all day long yesterday in Harpers Ferry and Charles Town, WV.  We also enjoyed our time at ATC.  We are off to hike into Maryland today from Harpers Ferry, WV.  It is 41 miles from WV to PA through MD, so it should be around 4 to 5 days of hiking.  Good bye and thanks for your hospitality, WV!   Happy Mother’s Day to y’all!

Hello folks!  Here is the list of plans for tomorrow, Saturday 7-May:

11:00 am – Cane and I plan to show up at ATC HQ (Appalachian Trail Conservancy) in Harpers Ferry with our backpacks to be critiqued by experienced hikers with the goal of safely reducing our pack weight.  A sign Language interperter will be provided during that time. 

1:00 pm – Lunch
The Anvil Restaurant
1270 W. Washington Street
Harpers Ferry, WV

5:30 pm – Dinner
Ruby Tuesday of Charles Town

Please feel free to contact Cane via SMS (if you need his SMS number, please email him on his pager) if you need more inforamtion or have any questions.  It is going to be a beautiful weather tomorrow!  We are looking forward to getting together with our friends tomorrow! 

Here is the link where you can get more information from ATC HQ for all-day long event if you are interested in attending (please note – Cane and I will be at ATC HQ from 11 am to 12:30 pm only):

Spring Hiking Season Celebration

We closed out on our section between Springer Mountain, GA and Waynesboro, VA this past Wednesday after hiking last 19 miles from Reed’s Gap to Rockfish Gap.  Raffle Queen hiked with us for last 3 miles toward Rockfish Gap after meeting us up on the trail.  It was nice ending!  Raffle Queen drove us up to the hostel in Knoxville, MD which was a stone’s throw from Harpers Ferry, WV.  Paul B. met us there to join with us for the weekend.  We camped out behind the hostel.  We visited ATC (Appalachian Trail conservancy) Headquarter in Harpers Ferry, WV and had a great time there.  We then took a dip in river by Harpers Ferry to cool off since it was 101 degrees F!  We had a lunch then Roger’s friend, Paul R., came to pick up Roger.  We said our farewell to Raffle Queen.  She was a wonderful person to us – a great friend and supporter to us!  Paul B. and I toured Harpers Ferry for a while then hopped on his motorcycle to head to Paul R.’s place for delicious salmon dinner which Paul R. and Roger cooked.  Really good dinner.  Today, Roger and I are going to visit Mark M. today in Maryland then head to New Jersey.  Roger and I plan to rehash our hiking plans for the North this week.  We will share our plans as soon as we make a decision.  Stay cool and have a great week, folks!

May 2020


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Appalachian Trail

Map of entire Appalachian Trail - 2,179 miles/3,507 km - through 14 states - Georgia, North Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia, West Virginia, Maryland, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Vermont, New Hampshire, and Maine

Map of entire Appalachian Trail - 2,179 miles/3,507 km

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